English Cucumber is a cucumber family member that is a little longer than slicer category. Typically they are little expensive and are mostly available in wrapped form. The quality of this type is that the seeds inside are really small. For the same reason and taste, most of the professional cooks prefer to use this family member. It is used commonly in salads.



English Cucumber is Absolutely Delicious, Crispy Sweet Flesh and Easy to Digest 

The taste of English Cucumber is somehow different than that of sliced ones. It is less bitter in taste and at the same time, it offers a slightly sweet flavor. Just like the other forms, due to the thinner skin, it is a lot easier to remove the outer skin. Enriched with water content, there is 90% water present. This type has sufficient amounts of vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, manganese and vitamin B5.



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