Delicious Falafel Recipe | Easy Vegan Falafel 


Falafel is a Middle Eastern Street food. Delicious Falafel Recipe | Easy Vegan Falafel is deep-fried patty or balls that are made from soaked ground chickpeas or fava beans. You can combine both the ingredients and make it.  Make falafel at home. Its ingredients are healthy.  You can eat it in pita bread or golden brown falafel with sauce.



Delicious Falafel Recipe | Easy Vegan Falafel 


1 cup boiled Chickpeas

1 Large onion sliced cut

3-4 Garlic cloves

1 tsp Black pepper

2 tbsp Coriander leaves

2 Green chilies, chopped

1 tbsp Cumin powder

1 tbsp Coriander powder

Salt as taste

1 tbsp Red chili powder

Oil for frying


Delicious Falafel Recipe | Easy Vegan Falafel 

Preparation Method:

In a chopper add chickpeas, onion, garlic cloves, coriander leaves, and chopped green chili.

Then add red chili, salt, coriander powder, and cumin powder.

Chop it well till all the ingredients are combined.

Take it out in a bowl.

Give it a shape of kabab.

In a pan add oil.

Heat it up.

Deep fry all the falafels.

When it becomes brown dish it out.

Delicious Falafels are ready.


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