Grewia Drink | Falsa Juice | Phalsa Juice


Grewia drink or Falsa Juice or Phalsa has many medical benefits. We must say this fruit is the reward of nature and it comes for a short span of time in the market. Without a refrigerator, it cannot be preserved. In the summer, we need a drink that refreshes our minds. It has the quality to protect us from heatstroke and intensity. Grewia fruit is essential for its energizing taste. It is also called “phalsa or falsa”. Here we discuss some great benefits of Falsa Juice.


Grewia Drink | Falsa Juice | Phalsa Juice


Falsa |Grewia ¼ kg (250g)

Water 3-4 glass

Sugar 5 tbsp

Black salt as required


Grewia Drink | Falsa Juice | Phalsa Juice


First of all, wash and clean Falsa. Add in a grinder and 5 glasses of water and sugar, black salt, and blend for 4-6 minutes. Then strain it well to extract its seed. Delicious Grewia drink is ready and enjoys with your family. You can modify the recipe just as to your own taste.


Grewia Drink | Falsa Juice | Phalsa Juice


Protect you from a high-temperature stroke.

It refreshes your mind and heart.

It is good for your health.

This drink is not an alternate of any medication so if you contain any sickness always ask your doctor in medical science, Phalsa has many benefits and good for your health.


Some Other Benefits of Phalsa Juice:

It is more beneficial when water is further added to this drink.

By adding carom seed, it is helpful in belly pain.

It also prevents swelling by adding one pinch of black pepper in this fruit drink.



Due to antioxidant properties, its color is purple. It cleans the blood and hence good for your clear skin. It clears and beautifies your skin and keeps you active.

Grewia Juice Is Excellent For Stomach:

Phalsa juice helps in stomach pain and also hydrates your body. It controls your digestive system and keeps you healthy.

Beneficial for Diabetic Patients:

The taste of the Grewia fruit is not as sweeter as any extra fruit. So it is good for diabetic patients and they can simply get pleasure from this fruit.


Some Other Benefits:

  1. It helps to recover urine problems.
  2. Falsa juice helps to main body temperature in the summer season.
  3. It is helpful for headaches.
  4. Useful in sickness.
  5. Protect from cancer.



  1. Harmful for lungs and also for the chest when eats in more quantity.
  2. Don’t eat Grewia until it is fully ripe.


You can maintain your life healthy in many ways with the help of this information.


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