Nowadays, there are so many types of pizzas available around. The pizza lovers always have preferences about the pizza types. The Bell pepper and Feta Pizza has become one of the most delicious recipes for the lovers. Would you like to make it at home? It is easy and simple to prepare a tasty pizza for the family in a few hours.



Bell Pepper and Feta Pizza Recipe


First of all, you will need to have ingredients. Pizza ingredients always depend on the type and quality. To Cook Awesome Bell pepper and Feta Pizza Recipe, you will require


• 1 cup marinara sauce.
• Dry yeast, 1 pound dough.
• Cornmeal.
• Sliced bell pepper.
• Feta 8 ounces.
• Kalamata olives ½ cup.
• Kosher salt ½ cup.
• Black pepper ½ cup.
• Parsley leaves ¼ cups.



Preparation Method:

Bell Pepper and Feta Pizza Recipe


• Remember, the dough needs at least 2-4 hours for mixing the olive oil.

• Prepare the dough by adding yeast in flour. Mix them with the help of hot water.

• Knead the dough several times and keep it inside the towel for a few hours.

• Prepare the pan and preheat oven to a heat level of 475 degrees F. It is necessary to add the necessary ingredients and toppings before you divide the pizza dough into four pieces.

• Don’t forget to wet the pan with olive oil before placing the dough with all ingredients.

• Sprinkle the black pepper, salt, feta, and marina equally. You can add extra cheese and other topping materials.

• Place the pans inside the oven and bake the crust until it is brown.

• Your Cook Awesome Bell pepper and Feta Pizza is ready