Fresno Chilies | Fresno Peppers are native to the United States. These chilies are equally good to be consumed in mature and immature form. As compared to Jalapeño pepper, the intensity of the heat is much lower. However, to obtain the medium heat level it is often picked when fully ripe.  The waxy skin pepper can be sliced and cut into pieces. Due to its thick fleshy skin and deeper fiery flavor, it is mostly preferred in sandwiches and burgers.

Fresno Chilies | Fresno Pepper

Fresno Chilies | Fresno Pepper is a broad range Capsicum annuum member that can add delicious flavor to the barbecue recipes. Just like the other forms of chilies, it can be used in blended sauces and dips. It is suggested that fresh chilies should be used because it can balance the overall smokiness of the recipes. The deficiency of iron, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, and riboflavin can be treated with the help of Fresno Pepper.