Fish Fry Recipe | Fried Fish Recipe

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Fish Fry Recipe | Fried Fish Recipe


There are several ways to make Fried Fish. Fish Fry Recipe | Fried Fish Recipe is a great appetizer or a side dish to a meal. Fish Fry will be served with a vegetable salad to compliment it. It can also be served with any variety of rice. The Fish Fry recipe is easy to prepare.

It is a delicious and healthier recipe dish if you want a real crispy Fried Fish; you must marinate twice.

The first marination will help to absorb all the flavors and spice. And the Second marination will give a coating and crunch to the fish. This easy fish fry recipe can be prepared by shallow fry, grill or tawa fry. All the methods will provide the crusty and tasty fish



Fish Fry Recipe | Fried Fish Recipe

• 1 Tbsp cornflour
• 5 Tsp tamarind extract
• 2 Tsp red chili powder
• 1 Tbsp water
• 1 tomato
• 2 Tsp oil
• 1 tsp salt
• 8-12 curry leaves
• 2 tsp black peppercorns

• 1 tsp mustard seeds
• 2 tsp coriander seeds
• 2 tsp fennel
• ½ tsp cumin
• 2 knob ginger
• 10 cloves garlic
• 2 Tbsp oil or ghee
• 3 fillets kingfish


Preparation Method:

Fish Fry Recipe | Fried Fish Recipe


• Wash the fish with water and let it dry for a few minutes.

• Now cut the fish fillets and make the pieces of normal size.

• Place the pan on the heat source and add curry leaves, mustard seeds and black peppercorns in the pan. Mix the ingredients well and heat for some time. Now add coriander seeds, fennel, cumin, ginger and dry roast garlic in the pan. Mix the ingredients well to make a uniform paste.

• Now pound this mixture in a mortar. Put some water, oil, and salt. Then pestle them in mortar.

• Add tamarind extract, salt, chili powder, turmeric powder and chopped tomato in the above mixture.

• Make a pulp of all these ingredients and apply this pulp over pieces of fish.

• Take the cornflour and sprinkle it on the surface of fish. The key benefit of corn flour is that it helps the masala to glue to the surface of fish pieces firmly. Now place the fish pieces in the fridge for 25 minutes.

• Place a pan over the heat source and pour some oil in the pan. Fry the pieces of fish and serve hot.



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