Preparing delicious but nutritious cookies at home is no longer a difficult job. You will need simple steps and a fruity cookies recipe to give your kids a healthy diet snack. Today, we will learn how to make Fruity cookies.


These fruity cookies contain high nutritional value as it includes fruits and other healthy ingredients. So these will be highly nutritious for the kids.



Fruity Cookies Recipe

Check the materials required to bake Fruity cookies. Bring the ingredients from markets if you don’t have these things in the kitchen.

  • Butter 200 grams.
  • Brown sugar 175 grams.
  • Marmalade (Two tablespoons).
  • Mixed spice (Two tablespoons).
  • Cinnamon (One tablespoon).
  • Ground ginger (One tablespoon).
  • Porridge oats 175 grams.
  • Flour 200 grams.
  • Baking powder (Two tablespoons).
  • Chopped nuts 100 grams (Hazelnuts).
  • Dried fruits 175 grams (cherries, sultanas, apricots).


Preparation Method:

Fruity Cookies Recipe


  1. Prepare the oven (160 degree Celsius).


  1. Mix the sugar and butter to make a cream.


  1. Add marmalade in the cream. Don’t forget to use boiling water for convenience.


  1. Now add the oats, spices, baking powder and flour in the mixture.


  1. Stir the mixture thoroughly and add the nut as well as fruits.


  1. Cut long discs (at least 20 discs) from the dough and place them in trays.


  1. Bake these discs for 20 minutes. Stop baking when Fruity Cookies cookies turn to golden brown.