Mangoes are special fruits to enjoy during summer; in fact, these are simply irresistible. The fruit not only has a great taste, but also a variety of features make it a part of many other delicious recipes. Either its ice cream or custard mango has the quality of lifting up the taste of every recipe in a great manner.

Below we will discuss a delicious recipe of Fruity Mango Juice which includes mango pulp, sugar and a surprising element of lemon juice.  This healthy juice is garnished with slices of fresh mango so that you can get the best flavor and taste.



Fruity Mango Juice Recipe | Fruit Juice Recipe

  • Mango pulp ¾ cup
  • Lemon juice ½ tbsp
  • Powdered sugar ½ tbsp


For garnishing:

Fruity Mango Juice Recipe | Fruit Juice Recipe

  • Slices of mango
  • Crushed ice


Preparation Method:

Fruity Mango Juice Recipe | Fruit Juice Recipe

In a deep bowl combine all the ingredients with water (1 cup) and mix properly.

Refrigerate it for 60 minutes and your Fruity Mango juice is ready to serve.

Garnish the Fruity Mango Juice with crushed ice and slices of mango.


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