This unusual rice pudding looks beautiful turned out of a ring mold but if you prefer, stir the fruit into the rice and serve in individual dishes. Make Fruity Rice Pudding Recipe at home amaze your family and friends with the fine and healthy dessert recipe.



Fruity Rice Pudding Recipe

Short grain rice, 65 g

Semi-skimmed milk, 900 ml

Cinnamon Stick, 1

Dried fruit salad, 175 g

Orange juice, 175 ml

Caster Sugar, 3 tbsp

Freshly grated orange rind, 1 small



Preparation Method:

Fruity Rice Pudding Recipe

Place the rice, milk and cinnamon stick in a large pan and boil. Cover and simmer and keep stirring occasionally for about 1 ½ hour, until fully mixed.

Meanwhile, place the fruit and orange juice in a pan and bring to the first boil. Cover and simmer softly for about 1 hour or until tender and no free liquid remains.

Remove the cinnamon stick from the ice and stir in the sugar and orange rind.

Tip the fruit into the base of a lightly oiled 1.5-litre ring mold. Spoon the rice over and smooth down firmly and chill now.

Run a knife around the edge of the Fruit Rice Ring mold and turn out the rice ring carefully on to a serving plate.


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