No Churn Batter Funfetti Ice Cream Cake Recipe is a kind of cake that can be prepared in the shortest period of time. The cake is a soft serving sweet dish that can use multi-color appearance. The cake is lighter even with the addition of cream and ice cream together.



Funfetti Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Sweetened condensed milk,   1 1/3 cups

Heavy cream, 2 cups

FunFetti, 1/2 cup

Yellow boxed cake mix, as per the requirement

Flavor Fountain Cake Batter Emulsion, 2 tablespoons

Sprinkles (rainbow jimmies),1/4 cup

Oreo cookies, crumbled, (Optional)

Chocolate chips, (Optional)



Preparation Method:

Funfetti Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Take a mixture and add cream.

Add condensed milk to the cream, blend for few minutes

Add dry cake batter to the mixture and continue whipping.

The mixture should be lighter in weight and fluffy

Add Flavor Fountain Cake Batter Emulsion

Use half of the sprinkles to cover the cake

Use a freezer container to pour all the mixture.

Cover the container with a plastic wrap.

Freeze for at least 6 hours.

Before serving sprinkle remaining rainbow jimmies.

The Funfetti Ice Cream Cake is ready to be served.