Galangal is basically a ginger family member that people also call as the Siamese ginger. The Zingiberaceae family member is different than the normal ginger; it is a lot paler in appearance. From the inside, it can be white and yellow. As far as the flavor is concerned, it has a lot of stronger flavor. The taste is a little sharper and piney at the same time. The odor is more citrus.

Thai Ginger Plant


Like the ordinary ginger, people are using in curry dishes in the form of a paste. From the exterior, it has a woody appearance. From the central portion, there is a large juice content available. There is more shine that you can see on the outside of this particular ginger. Galangal or Thai ginger is mostly used in the Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian dishes. Basically, it is a stem of a plant that is rhizome in shape. It can be barely sweet in taste and that is the reason why it can also be used in the dishes like the soups.


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