Garlic – 5 Good Reasons to Love it Even More


Legend says that it keeps vampires away. Discover the real good reasons to consume garlic, an ingredient whose virtues will never cease to amaze you. A food, definitely beneficial and it is on our side.

The benefits of garlic are many and they have been known for centuries. It is well known that it scares away vampires and sometimes all those who approach too close! However, not only does its typical southern taste immediately bring you back to summer, but in addition, these little pods have more than one trick up their sleeve.


The Benefits of Garlic, Clove by Clove

If its strong smell and its particular flavor can put off some people, garlic has also been acknowledged for centuries for its health benefits… And some medicines are also difficult to take!


#1 – Garlic to Preserve your Heart

Several studies have shown that from one to two cloves eaten raw per day, improves the fluidity of the blood, thus avoiding the formation of clots that risk clogging the arteries, and therefore causing a heart attack.

Small bonus: it also helps lower the level of bad cholesterol, responsible for cardiovascular diseases. If raw garlic is too strong for you, you can also eat it cooked, but you will have to increase the quantity: between three to five cloves daily to hope to benefit from its qualities.

Benefits of Garlic

It is good for the heart


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#2 – Garlic to Stay Slim

“Crunchy and delicious” (as long as you really like raw garlic), as one of our famous cathodic chefs would say, it is above all extremely low in calories (130 calories per 100 g, so about 4 g per pod) and has a very low glycemic index.

Thus, not only as we have seen, it spice up the dishes while having an almost zero caloric intake, but in addition, it is a diuretic. Rich in potassium and fructans, it stimulates metabolism.


In other words: two in one, this little magic food helps both to give you a feeling of satiety and eliminate. An essential ingredient if you are planning a detox cure, for example.


#3 – Garlic to Stay Young!

For that, thank its antioxidants, especially selenium, which help the skin to protect itself against the harmful effects of the sun.

Garlic is also very rich in vitamin C, essential for energy, and vitamin B6, which promotes good stress management – ​​a significant contributor to aging.

It is probably no coincidence that it is one of the essentials of the Mediterranean diet, renowned for its centenarians in great shape.

It is a good source of selenium


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#4 – Summer Food, Best Winter Accomplice

A discovery that found by Louis Pasteur in 1858. The allicin contained in garlic is antibacterial and anti-infectious. Who has realized that the bacteria died by sprinkling them with garlic juice?

For example, A simple remedy is not discreet to get rid of a mild flu-like state: regularly inhaling pieces of crushed garlic is very effective and recommended.

If you don’t live alone, you can fall back on dried (2 to 4 g of powder, three times a day) to prevent a cold, or if it’s already too late, as a tincture (2 to 4 ml, three times a day).

#5 – A Notorious Anti-Carcinogen

Consume regularly between one and two cloves of garlic per day. It reduces the risk of cancer of the stomach, throat, esophagus, colon, or even of the ovary.

And all these thanks to its sulfur compounds, including allicin already mentioned above, for its antibacterial and anti-infectious properties, which are released when you chop, cut, or crush the garlic cloves.

The other side of the coin: these are the same substances responsible for their heady smell, but some people love them. Everyone’s taste is different.

Last bit of advice to avoid unwanted side effects. If you digest it poorly, start by absorbing it cooked before gradually going raw. Finally, never forget to remove the green germ that is in the middle.

Garlic bread is a classic in the kitchen


Warning: Don’t consume in large quantities; garlic can cause gastric burns.


Now it’s your turn to pistou soups on winter evenings. Or the delicious garlic bread to accompany a salad, or the confit garlic, to nibble during the aperitif. You have no idea how much it can do for you.


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