Garlic Potatoes Recipe

Garlic Potatoes Recipe

These garlic potatoes are very tasty and could be served as a side dish that is well matched with steak, roast chicken or barbecue recipes. It is juicy and also look terrific topped with green spring onion.



Ingredients: Garlic Potatoes Recipe


Potatoes, cut in chunky cubes                       4 large

Garlic clove, crushed                                       4

Butter                                                              1 tbsp

Olive oil                                                           1 tbsp

Salt                                                                   to taste

Black pepper                                                    to taste

Spring onion, thinly sliced                               2



Preparation Method: Garlic Potatoes Recipe



Boil potatoes in salted water till cooked through but still firm.


Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry garlic and make it light golden brown. Add potatoes and fry gently till golden all over. Add spring onions and season with salt and black pepper.


Serve Garlic Potatoes with steak or roast chicken as side dish.


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