Ghosla Kebab Recipe is a new variation of Normal Kebab available in Indian cuisines or Pakistani cuisines. Every person needs a change in life; similarly, variations in the cooking recipes are always welcome by the common people.


Ghosla Kebab recipe is an addition and combination of world cooking recipes. Make it at home and enjoy!



Ghosla Kebab Recipe


Beef boneless, 250 grams

Potatoes (boiled and finely mashed), 500 grams

Noodles (boiled), 500 grams

Ganger/ garlic paste, 1 tsp

Black pepper powder, ½ tsp

Green Chilli paste, 1 tsp

Water, 2 cups

White vinegar, 2 tbsp

Onion (finely chopped), 2

Green chilies (chopped), 1 tsp

Hot spices powder, 2 tsp

Fresh coriander, 2 tsp

Egg (beaten), 1

Vermicelli, 200 grams

Salt, to taste

Cooking oil, for frying


Preparation Method:

Ghosla Kebab Recipe


In a pan start boiling the beef, add salt, ginger/garlic paste, black pepper, Green chilies, vinegar, and water.


When beef becomes tender, cool it and shred finely.


Mix potatoes, beef, green chilies, onion, hot spices, coriander in a bowl. Mix it properly. After making egg-shaped kebabs.


Heat oil in fry pan, coat the ready kebabs one by one first in egg and then vermicelli and place it in the heated oil.


When they become golden brown, remove on an absorbent paper.


Fry boiled noodles lightly in oil


Place the fried noodles in serving the dish and place Ghosla kebab on it.


Now Ghosla kebab is ready, serve with Ketchup or green chutneys.


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