These Glazed Chicken Sticks are packed with mouthwatering flavors. These barbecue chicken sticks recipes are perfect for any summer cookout; it is guaranteed that it will finish fast!



Preparation Time: 35 minutes (plus marinating time)

Cooking Time: 10 minutes



Glazed Chicken Sticks | Barbecue Chicken Sticks

1 kg chicken wings

½ cup (125) green ginger wine

¼ (60 ml) light soy sauce

¼ (60 ml) dark soy sauce

1 tbsp brown sugar

4 spring onion, finely chopped


Preparation Method:

Glazed Chicken Sticks | Barbecue Chicken Sticks

Cut chicken wings into three pieces at joints, discard tips. Hold the small end of the bone and trim around bone with a sharp knife to cut meat free from the bone. Cut, scrape and push the meat down to the large end (half of the pieces will have an extra fine bone that should be removed).

Combine onion, sauces, wine, and sugar in a large bowl; add chicken. Cover and refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight.

Drain chicken and discard marinade.

Cook chicken on the heated oiled barbecue, uncovered until browned and cooked through.

Barbecue chicken sticks are ready. Enjoy!


Cook’s Tip:

Glazed Chicken Sticks | Barbecue Chicken Sticks

You can prepare the chicken recipe a day ahead and is suitable to freeze.


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