This Grapefruit Lamb Chops Recipe with tangy sauce works well in my house. These lamb chops are the favorite to all family members. The lamb chops are tender and juicy and make your dinner instantly fancy.


SERVES            4



Grapefruit Lamb Chops Recipe

Lean lamb loin chops, 4

Red grapefruit, 1

Redcurrant Jelly, 3 tbsp

Black pepper, to taste



Preparation Method:

Grapefruit Lamb Chops Recipe

Remove carefully all the peels and tissue from the center of red grapefruit by using a sharp knife, keeping all the juice in a bowl.

Fry the lamb chops in a non-stick pan fry-pan without fat, turn them once and cook until it becomes golden brown.

Include the reserved red grapefruit juice and redcurrants jelly to the frying pan and stir until it is melted. Add the red grapefruit segments then season with black pepper and serve lamb chops with boiled potatoes and fresh boiled vegetables.


Nutrition Notes:

Grapefruit Lamb Chops Recipe


Per portion

Energy, 215 Kcals

Fat, 8.40

Saturated fat, 3.02

Cholesterol, 20.25

Fiber, 0.81 g


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