Green Onions are a regular bulb forming vegetable. It is an actually immature shoot that is available from the bulb onions. This is a type of food that can add flavor to the dishes. It has a pungent taste and you can also use in raw form in salads or sprinkle on dishes. There are tons of nutrients available in this food source. It can be a healthy addition to the daily intake. The greens are often used in most of the Asian dishes.

Green Onion


Green Onions are a type of vegetable that is available during the whole year. This eatable shoot is actually different than that of the regular onions. The taste of green onions are a little mild and it is not that intense. There are some health benefits as well that can be fetched by using it. Green onions can be very beneficial for eyesight. Moreover, it can enhance the strength of the human bones.


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