Grilled Cherry Milkshake Recipe

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Grilled Cherry Milkshake Recipe

Grilled Cherry Milkshake doesn’t means that you are going to grill the milkshake this is something impossible, but yes you can grill the cherries that will be used for getting a unique, but delicious flavor. Cherry is a favorite of all so it is normally used in a variety of desserts where it not only provides a great taste, but also enhances the visual appeal of the dessert. Best part related with Grilled Cherry Milkshake is that it’s a gluten free recipe so you can consider it a healthy option.

For this Creamy and healthy recipe it will be better to use milk that’s been frozen inside ice cube tray. This will further provide you a richer and creamy texture that is normally related with ice cream. Nevertheless the Grilled Cherry Milkshake recipe is simple and you can easily try it at home during summers because it is a great refresher.



Ingredients: Grilled Cherry Milkshake Recipe


  • Full Fat coconut milk 13.5 oz can
  • Fresh cherries 1 pound
  • Lighter coconut milk 1 can 13.50 oz you can also use almond milk (unsweetened)
  • Coconut nectar 2 to 3 tablespoons
  • Vanilla Extract 1 ½ teaspoons




Preparation Method: Grilled Cherry Milkshake Recipe


  1. Whisk coconut milk’s contents till they get completely combines after this pour these into ice cube tray and allow to freeze. Refrigerate the can of coconut milk till it gets chilled.


  1. The grill should be preheated to 375 degree F. Take of the stem and cut cherries into equal halves. Evenly spread cherries on the grilling pan and grill carefully as we need the cherries to be bubbly. Remove this from heat and place in fridge for some time.


  1. Take out the ice cubes of coconut milk from freezer and insert half of these inside blender. Add liquid sweetener according to your desire and vanilla extract. Blend the ingredients and keep on adding coconut milk after intervals till a smoother mixture is obtained. Try to keep the mixture as much thick as possible.


  1. Transfer the mixture into a bowl and keep it inside freezer. If you feel that mixture has becomes too much thin, then keep it inside freezer so that it can get thicker. Cherry topping should only be done after proper stirring.



Cherry topping

Blend cherries inside blender till pureed. Pour your milk shake inside the serving glass and add cherry topping to it. Grilled Cherry Milkshake is ready, Serve chilled.


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