Grilled Chicken with Caeser Salad can be prepared at home with a lot of ease and comfort. The cooking method is not only easy to follow but also it can be managed with a lot of ease. It is a healthy meal for your family members.



Grilled Chicken with Caeser Salad

Chicken breasts skinless 6 in number

One cup of Caesar croutons

Pepper freshly ground

A half cup of caesar dressing

1 bunch romaine

Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese


Preparation Method:

Grilled Chicken with Caeser Salad

Heat the gas grill.

Cover the chicken and grill four to six inches on medium heat for approximately 20 minutes and turn till the juice is vapored. No pink color even after cutting off the pieces that are thickest. Cut the chicken in a diagonal fashion in ½ inch slices.

Pour the dressing in a larger bowl of salad. To this make the addition of romaine, cheese, pepper, and crouton. You sprinkle over it.

Dived the salad into six serving plates. Every serving should be topped with chicken.


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