Grilled Chicken with Hot Salsa

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Grilled Chicken with Hot Salsa

This Grill Chicken with Hot Pasta dish originates from Mexico. It has hot and delicious fruity flavors from the essence of Tex-Mex cooking. A quick and tasty grilled chicken recipe to amaze you guest on your cooking expertise. You can present this with several variations to match your test buds.



Ingredients: Grilled Chicken with Hot Salsa



Chicken breasts without skin and bones                       175 g

Cooking oil                                                                         2 tbsp

Celery salt and cayenne pepper                                     Pinch of each

Fresh coriander                                                                to garnish

Corn chips                                                                          to serve



For the Salsa


Watermelon                                      275 g

Cantaloupe melon                            175 g

Small red onion                                1

Green chilies                                     1-2

Lime juice                                          2 tbsp

Fresh coriander (chopped)             4 tbsp

Salt                                                     to taste



Preparation Method: Grilled Chicken with Hot Salsa



Preheat a grill moderately. Slash the chicken breasts deeply to speed up the cooking time


Season the chicken with celery salt and cayenne, brush with oil and grill for about 15 minutes.


For the salsa, remove the rind and seeds from the melons. Finely dice the flesh and place it into a bowl.


Finely chopped the onion; split the chilies (remove seeds that contains most of the heat) and chop. Mix with the melon.


Add the lime juice and chopped coriander and season with a pinch salt. Turn the salsa out into a small mixing bowl.


Arrange the grilled chicken on a plate and serve with the salsa and a plenty of corn chips. Garnish with sprig of coriander.



Cook’s Tip:

Grilled Chicken with Hot Salsa

To capture the spirit of Tex-Mex food, cook the chicken over a barbecue and eat shaded from the hot summer sun.



Nutrition Note: 

Grilled Chicken with Hot Salsa



Per portion


Energy                                  263 Kcals

Fat                                         10.72 g

Saturated fat                        2.52 g

Cholesterol                           64.5 mg

Fiber                                      0.72 g



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