This is a perfect Healthy Broccoli Quiche Recipe which you can enjoy with friends and family. It can be served warm or at room temperature. It is simply perfect and it is one of the best lunch recipes or easy dinner recipes, so you will have great fun with it.



Healthy Broccoli Quiche Recipe

• One and a half cup of all purpose flour
• A half cup of unsalted butter
• One large egg and it should be in a beaten state
• 6 large eggs
• A half cup of whole milk
• Half teaspoon of pepper freshly ground
• One broccoli head, cut in the form of florets
• One teaspoon of fine grain sea salt
• Four to eight tablespoon of water and it should be in a cold state
• Heavy cream ¼ cup
• Salt half teaspoon
• Shredded sharper cheddar 1 ¼ cups


Preparation Method:

Healthy Broccoli Quiche Recipe

For the crust, you will have to take a larger bowl and start by mixing salt and flour. Grate the butter in cold state with the help of a grater. You will have to work in a quicker fashion here for breaking the butter into smaller bits with hands into flour.

Add 4 tablespoons of water and mix. At this point, the mixture will turn shaggy and from here on you should start by making the addition of one tablespoon of water so that dough can combine well. Put flour on your counter and move by dumping dough upon it. Kneading should be done a few times till everything comes together. Give it the shape of a disc and wrap it inside a wrap made up of plastic and send this to the refrigerator for chilling. Keep it there for at least an hour.

Healthy Broccoli Quiche Recipe

Take the disc out of your refrigerator and allow to reach room temperature for at least 10 minutes. Put flour on your working surface as well as the rolling pin. Start rolling dough and rotate it after regular intervals so that it should not get stuck.

Next, your job is to warp dough around the region of a rolling pin and unroll this one upon 9 inches pie dish. In a gentle fashion, the dough should be fitted towards the bottom and towards sides of pie dish. Around the pie tin trim the dough. It is best to leave an overhang of one inch. The edges of the crust will be crimped. Transfer to the freezer for a time period fifteen minutes.

Coming towards quiche filling, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and whisk eggs together in a larger bowl along with heavy cream, salt, pepper, milk and a cup of cheddar cheese. Arrange broccoli’s florets to the fluted crust of the pie. Next step is related to pouring a mixture of egg into the crust of the pie. Use egg wash for brushing edges of pie crust. It should be transferred to an oven and must be baked for 45 to 55 minutes till center gets puffed and crust turns into golden brown color.

Server the dish warm or at room temperature