Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe

Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe

This simple Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe is perfect for everyone who is keeping an eye on their weight and look for an easy option of healthy lunch. One can pair with grilled cheese sandwich also. There is an option to make double the quantity and freeze the extra tomato soup for rainy-day emergencies.


Ingredients: Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe


Tomatoes                                                                 4 cups or 2 can plum tomatoes

Onion                                                                        1

Sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped                   2 medium bowl

Garlic clove                                                               5

Cashews nuts                                                            ½ cup

Vegetable broth or water                                        1 cup

Salt and black pepper                                              to taste




Preparation Method: Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe


Place the tomatoes and Broth/water in a pot and bring to boil, add onion, garlic and sweet potatoes as it boils.


Once the mixture boils, reduce heat to simmer for 10-15 minutes until potatoes are cooked through.


Remove mixture from the heat and cool them for 10-15 minutes. Add cooked mixture and cashews to a blender and blend it until smooth finely.


Healthy Tomato Soup is ready, Garnish with desired ingredients and enjoy.


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