Would you like to start a day with full energy? You need a perfect breakfast recipe. You can turn the top dessert recipes into perfect breakfast with the help of simple modifications. Today, we will share an outstanding breakfast recipe. Preparing this breakfast is simple and quick. Let’s see the ingredients required for it.



Homemade Granola Recipe with Coconut, Almond, Apple, and Cranberry

1. Rolled oats (Traditional) 3 cups.
2. Quinoa flakes 1 cup.
3. Seed mix 2/3 cups.
4. Sliced almonds ½ cups.
5. Coconut oil ¼ cup.
6. Maple syrup 1/3 cup.
7. Shredded coconut 2/3 cups.
8. Ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon.
9. Dried cranberries ½ cups.
10. Chopped apple (dried) 1/3 cups.
11. Passion-fruit yogurt.


Preparation Method:

Homemade Granola Recipe with Coconut, Almond, Apple, and Cranberry

The Coconut, apple and cranberry granola is among the top easy dessert recipes. Following steps are required to prepare it within 35 minutes.

1. Prepare the oven at 180 or 160 degree Celsius with fan forced.

2. Mix the oats, seed mix, coconut oil, quinoa, maple syrup and shredded coconut.

3. Take a bowl and mix all these ingredients with cinnamon.

4. Transfer this mixture to the roasting pan and place inside the oven.

5. Bake this mixture for at least 30 minutes.

6. Stir and bake until the mixture turns brown.

7. Remove the mixture from oven and put the apple and yogurt.

8. Homemade Granola with Coconut, Almond, Apple and Cranberry is ready to serve.