Horseradish is a type of perennial plant that belongs to a family of Brassicaceae. Actually, this plant is closely related to the vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. The plant is originated from the parts of Southern Europe and Western Asia. The major use of the plant is in culinary recipes.

There are some definite benefits that Horseradish plant can offer. Likewise, the immune system and the respiratory system can be improved to a greater extent. There is a natural component called glucosinolates, these components are present in Horseradish. These components are helpful against the various types of cancer. It can also be termed as the tap root that can be used as herbal medicine.

There are multiple ways to use this vegetable in recipes. It can be mashed with cream and butter. It can also be used in the sandwiches as well. Potato salad can be made more tasteful with the addition of horseradish.