Pepperoni and Pickle Pizza Recipe

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Pepperoni and Pickle Pizza Recipe

There are numerous ways to enjoy the pizzas. Buying or ordering one from a restaurant seems easier but it will cost higher. You can prepare the special pizzas at home with the help of simple instructions. All you need to have is an oven. Today, we will see how to prepare a Pepperoni and Pickle Pizza at home. It will take only 30 minutes to bake this pizza at home.



Ingredients: Pepperoni and Pickle Pizza recipe


• Pizza dough 1 pound.
• Cornmeal.
• Yeast dried.
• Flour 4 cups.
• Marinara sauce 1 cup.
• Grated mozzarella 2 cups or 8 ounces.
• Bread-&-butter pickles in sliced form.
• Sliced pepperoni 3 ounces.
• Kosher salt.
• Black pepper.



Making method: Pepperoni and Pickle Pizza


• In order to start the preparation, you will need to have a pan and bowl.

• Add water, flour and yeast in the bowl.

• Stir all these materials to make a thick paste.

• Knead the paste in order to make perfect dough.

• Add some olive oil to the dough.

• Leave it for 2 to 3 hours.

• Preheat the oven at 475 degree F.

• Take a pan and put some olive oil in it.

• Shape the dough in the pan and divide it in four rounds.

• Sprinkle the mozzarella, pepperoni, marinara and pickles equally on the dough.

• Add ¼ Salt and sprinkle the black pepper.

• Bake the crust until it turns golden brown.

• Awesome Pepperoni and Pickle Pizza is ready to serve at home.

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