Pizza has always been a hearty meal for the people. It is famous everywhere. Making a pizza is not difficult. However, you will need special attention especially the recipe. Do you know how to make pizza at home? It is simple and easy if you follow these tips.



Make Pizza at Home


There are plenty of things required to make a pizza. Collect the following materials.


• Pizza baking stone
• meat or chicken mince
• Olive oil.
• Flour.
• Cornmeal.
• Salt.
• Yeast.
• Pepper.
• Rolling pin
• Tomatoes
• Red Onion
• Pizza pan.



Preparation Method:

Make pizza dough and to make pizza at home


• Prepare the dough to start. Add dry yeast 1 teaspoon and put 2/3 hot water in it.

• Stir until both ingredients mix together. Now add 2 cups of flour in the mixture. Your dough is almost final.

• Make the dough balls and make around on a floured surface. Knead the dough at least 4 to 5 times before you make the crust.

• Put the olive oil on the dough and put it for 2 hours in order to allow the oil to mix properly.

• Prepare the sauces for pizza. Crushed tomatoes and olive oil will be used for this sauce.

• Now add the cheese and oregano on the top of the pizza.

• Bake the pizza for at least 8 to 12 minutes. Topping options include the sweet pepper, pepperoni, meat or chicken mince, red onions, extra oregano, and parsley.

• Bake the pizza until the crust turns brown. The pizza is ready.

• Present the pizza with special sauces and enjoy a delicious meal at home.

• This is the easiest way to make pizza at home


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