Hungarian Wax Pepper | Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper

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Hungarian Wax Pepper | Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper


Hungarian is a popular yellow color pepper that is said to be used for the production of powdered spice. It has an impressive flavor profile that can make dishes tastier. The crunchy and edible nature pepper has thicker flesh. It is preferably more useful when it is unripe. As compared to its other family members, this vegetable can offer a sweet taste and significantly hotter flavor.


These Hungarian yellow wax peppers are used for stuffing the ingredients like ground meat, beans, seafood, sauces and rice. This Hungarian heirloom can be roasted and grilled so that it can be used for extended period of time. The crusty flavor can be best enjoyed within two weeks. As this pepper can add zest to these dishes, it is considered as one of the finest options for soups and salads. Medical conditions like Arthritis and eye Disorder can be best treated with the help of Hungarian chili.

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