Idli Sambhar Recipe is a combination of two dishes. The dish is south Indian staple and can be served as lunch.



Idli Sambhar Recipe

• 1/2 cup Toor Dal (Pulse)
• 4 meshed Tomato
• 3 Carrots
• 1 heaped tablespoon Sambhar powder
• 4 pinches Turmeric powder
• 1 tablespoon tamarind (pulp)
• ½ cup Water
• 1 tablespoon oil
• 1 pinch Salt

To Cook Sambhar:

• 3 tablespoon Oil
• 2 Curry Leaves
• 1/3 tablespoon Fenugreek Seeds
• 1/3 tablespoon Split Urad Dal
• 4 medium sized Onion
• 2 tablespoon Mustard Seeds
• ½ tablespoon Asafoetida/Hing


How to Make:

Idli Sambhar Recipe


• Add water in a bowl, take the pulse and rinse.

• Use a pressure cooker, heat the cooker and add oil.

• Add mashed tomatoes.

• Carrots should be added after the tomatoes get soft.

• Add dried pulse to the cooker.

• Include turmeric powder, and stir randomly.

• Add water and salt.

• Cover the pressure cooker and wait for the whistle.

• The flame should be medium-low.

• After the whistle, remove the pulse and mesh it.

• Take the pan and add some water.

• Heat the pan and boil Sambhar.

• Add the pulse to the boiling Sambhar.

• Make a paste with the addition of water and Sambhar powder.

• Let the pan boil for 5 minutes, the paste should not be too watery.

• Wait for the paste to become thick.

• Take a pan and add water.

• Add Oil, Curry Leaves, Fenugreek Seeds, Split Urad Dal, Onion, Mustard Seeds and Asafoetida/Hing.

• Add all the ingredients to the boiling Sambhar.

• Wait for 7 minutes.

• Garnish with coriander leaves.

• Add 1 tablespoon of oil.

• Place idli’s and add hot Sambhar together.


Your Idli Sambhar Recipe is completed and ready to serve.


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