Impressive Benefits of Tomatoes


The health advantages of tomatoes comprise of better eyesight, superior stomach strength, and decreased blood pressure, as well as quick relief from conditions such as diabetes, dermal problems and infections of urinary tract. Furthermore, tomatoes are helpful in following functions.

  • Enhance the digestion of foods.
  • Cut cholesterol levels.
  • Developing fluid balance.
  • Motivating blood flow.
  • Reducing inflammations.
  • Guarding the kidneys.
  • Detoxifying several compounds.
  • Stopping premature aging.

Several types of antioxidants are present in the pulp of tomatoes. These are good to fight against multiple conditions of cancer. Vitamins and minerals are also present in this fruit/vegetable. According to the heart specialists, tomatoes are known to apply a defensive effect against cardiovascular issues.

What Is Tomato?

Tomato, the red fruit is referred as fruit as well as a vegetable in different concepts. It is called an important ingredient of cuisines particularly in the Mediterranean region. Consumption of tomatoes on daily basis offers great taste as well as different health advantages. One can utilize this fruit or vegetable in all types of dishes, foods, combinations and diets such as pizzas, beverages and ketchup. No doubt, it is grown over a short period of time but it has excellent tendency to produce large quantities. Tomatoes are considered a staple food in the world.

Tomatoes are called Solanum lycopersicum, in technical language and it is considered a native plant from Mexico. However, Spanish colonization promotes the cultivation and spread of this crop in central and other parts of America. Tomato is a plant with annual nightshade feature which grows in small bunches bearing red round fruits. It has soft pinkish pulp with a pleasant sweet taste containing several small sized seeds. Average weight of this fruit is around 4 ounces. Today, tomatoes are grown worldwide because of its significance as a fruit or vegetable being included in curries, salads and other food dishes. This plant is considered a main source of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains lots of health benefits making it attractive for the nutritionists.

Tomatoes Nutrition Facts

A lot of health advantages of this fruit can be recognized to their richness of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Remarkable quantity of vitamin A, C, K and B6 is present along with folate, as well as thiamin. According to nutritionists, tomatoes have high amount of manganese, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and copper. The dietary value is of main concern because of the lycopene which promotes the health features.

 Advantages of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered highly useful for the human health. It is believed that these are great to cure cancer because of the specialized antioxidant character. It regulates the blood circulation while maintaining the oxygen levels.

Antioxidant Agent

As mentioned above, tomatoes have an antioxidant character which reduces the muscular fatigue. This function is performed using a complex infrastructure. First of all, blood circulation is maintained which helps to control the disorders such as high or low blood pressure. This character also promotes the cardiovascular strength keeping the heart stronger.

Collection of Minerals and Vitamins

We have discussed the numbers of vitamins and other essential minerals present in tomatoes. However, it is necessary to see the highest figures for useful knowledge. A single tomato can deliver 40 % of vitamin C for the total body requirement. It also contains potassium, magnesium and manganese.

Cholesterol reduction for Heart protection

Lycopene is known to control the serum lipid oxidation. This directly enables the body to burn fats in the body. It has been noticed that high amount of lycopene helps the body to eliminate the fats from blood cells. In this way, it keeps the blood in pure form which maintains the blood pressure. A person with controlled blood pressure can easily escape heart problems.

Defy the negatives of Smoking Cigarette

Chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid are the two significant components playing an important role against the nitrosamines. The nitrosamines are developed because of carcinogens present in the tobacco of cigarettes. Smokers usually get lung cancer because of this element. Presence of vitamin A is responsible to control the spread of this element in body.

Improve Vision

Presence of Vitamin A with special antioxidant feature enables the tomatoes to be a contributive factor for vision improvement. There is no need to bring artificial sources of vitamin A while there is high quantity of this essential element present in a cheap fruit. Just buy the tomatoes and utilize with salads or as ketchup to obtain vitamin A and improve your vision.

Assistance in Digestion

Patients with regular constipation should not ignore the benefits of tomatoes. It has been noticed that longer presence of constipation creates ulcers inside the stomach as well as in the intestines. This is dangerous that’s why attention should be paid towards a valuable fruit/vegetable which can easily treat these problems.

Lower Hypertension

It is said that hypertension is a big cause of heart and other disorders. People with high blood pressure issues usually face failure of heart, kidneys and lungs. Therefore it is recommended to consume a tomato on daily basis in salad or curry. This will help to prevent the issues without creating further issues. This is a natural remedy of hypertension which is cheap as well as durable.

Manage Diabetes

Journal of the American Medical Association has published several research papers showing that tomatoes are highly beneficial to control the Type 2 Diabetes.

Skin Care

Those who want to avoid the aging should consume tomatoes. It is believed that paste of tomato can reduce the aging speed. Normally, it is used to protect the delicate skin cells from the harmful UV rays.

Foil Urinary Tract issues

It is highly useful to consume a single tomato on daily basis against the urinary tract infections. Studies have shown that majority of the major, as well as minor urinary tract issues, are caused when there is imbalance of hormones. Tomatoes will provide the essential minerals and vitamins in order to regulate the production and release of hormones. This also promotes discharge of bacteria from the urinary tract.

Prevent Gallstones

Gallbladder diseases are very painful. Gallstone is one of the great examples for discussion. There are numerous research papers and publications confirming the defensive role of tomatoes against gallbladder issues. It would be better to consume the tomatoes in different forms to prevent the gallstones and other infections. Ignoring the gallstones may lead to cancer that’s why it should be treated as soon as possible.


Is Organic Tomato Better?

University of California, Davis, have organized an experiment in supervision of several scientists to promote the organic farming of tomatoes. Increased utilization of insecticides and fertilizers has created various health issues for consumers. Organic tomatoes are considered ideal for the safe consumption because of 79 % higher quercetin and 97 % higher kaempferol.

Modern nutrition plans always recommend the users to prefer organic fruits and vegetables rather than traditional ones. No doubt, organic tomatoes are slightly expensive than the simple ones but these contain more benefits as mentioned above. It would be healthy to utilize chemical free tomatoes grown in ideal conditions. Organic farming is now being promoted among the farmers to create more opportunities for the buyers and consumers.


Impressive Benefits of Tomatoes

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