Jamaican Beanpot Recipe is easy, delicious, filling and inexpensive recipe. If you are looking for a nutritious, delicious and vivacious dinner recipe idea than Jamaican Beanpot is the best choice. If pumpkin is not available, use any other type of squash or try Rutabaga, swede or turnip instead. This dinner recipe is a good few people or even for a crowd. Get the best beef recipes or meat recipes from Cook Awesome.



Jamaican Beanpot Recipe

Boneless and thin beef, diced, 450 g

Pumpkin, 450 g

Onion, Chopped, 1 medium

Green pepper, seed and sliced, 1

Paprika, 1 tbsp

Garlic clove, crushed, 1

Ginger, chopped, 1 small piece

Chopped tomatoes, 400 g

Baby corn cobs, 115 g

Beef stock, 1 cup

Can chickpeas, drained, 425 g

Can red kidney beans, drained, 425 g

Salt, to taste

Black pepper, to taste


Preparation Method:

Jamaican Beanpot Recipe

Fry the cubed beef without fat in a flameproof bigger pot, keep stirring to seal it on all the sides.

Stir in the pumpkin or turnip, onion, and black pepper; cook for an additional 2 minutes then include the paprika, ginger, and garlic.

Mix in the tomatoes, corn, and stock then bring to the boil. Cover the pot and simmer for 45 minutes or until becoming tender. Add the chick-peas and beans and heat thoroughly. Adjust the seasoning of Jamaican Beanpot Recipe with pepper and salt to taste and serve hot with couscous, semolina or boiled rice.


Serve   4 persons

Nutrition Notes

Jamaican Beanpot Recipe

Energy, 357 Kcals

Fat, 8.77 g

Saturated fat, 2.11 g

Cholesterol, 66.37 mg

Fibre, 10.63 g


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