Jerusalem Artichoke is a plant that is one of the species of sunflower. The appearance of this plant is bumpy; it is actually a root that is fleshy in nature. As a vegetable plant, it was first grown in Western Europe and Mediterranean regions. Due to the starchy nature, there is a resemblance between the flesh of the potatoes.

The Sunchokes plant can annually be cultivated; there is a faster growth that can be seen in this particular plant. The vegetable can be sliced easily. A lot easier to peel off the skin; the skin is thin enough to be removed. The vegetable can also be boiled with the salted water.  For vegetarian dishes lover, it can be cooked with the vegetable steamer. Protein is available in this vegetable, other than that Jerusalem artichoke is enriched with the presence of carbohydrate inulin that is almost 76% of the total weight. The mild sweet taste of the Jerusalem Artichoke is due to the presence of fructose in it.