Jicama is a type of root vegetable that belongs to a legume family. It is commonly known also as Mexican yam bean and Mexican turnip. It is juicy and has a sweet taste. The origin of the eatable nutty tuber is Central and Southern America and Caribbean.

It has distinctive crunchy flavor and for the same reason, it can be eaten in raw form. It has a kind of white flesh that is crisp in nature. It can be cooked on low heat. It is a source of food that is versatile and has a taste that is quite similar to an apple.

It may not be that appealing from the outside but from the inside, it is solid and fresh. The texture of this edible vegetable is like the turnip.  The skin can be peeled off easily using the skin. It can be chopped, sliced and cubed. It can be combined with other greens as well. Jicama can be used in salads, slaw and soups.