Kale is a member of the cabbage family. It has loose curly green leaves, which people are using as a vegetable in the winter months even before Roman times. Kale is very hardy and only develops its flavor after the first frosts. It contains a great deal of calcium, vitamin A (carotin) and vitamin C. Fresh cab recognized by its stiff green leaves.


Kale is a healthy superfood that can provide multiple compounds to its users. With the medicinal properties, there is a unique combination that this vegetable can provide. According to recent studies, it is one of the green veggies that have the required nutrient richness. One of the interesting facts is that it can lower the cholesterol level if you steam properly before the use. It has remarkable diversity as it has glucosinolates that can help in detoxification.

By nature, it can have curly and flat leaves. For flavor, you can bake as well.  It can provide the kind of compliment that can make food tasteful. Kale is best for Caesar salads. It can also contribute to providing alpha-lipoic acid as the acid is said to decrease the glucose level in the human body.


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