Kashmiri Tea, Kashmiri Chai

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Kashmiri Tea, Kashmiri Chai

The Kashmiri pink tea is called Noon Chai by Kashmiris and it is made using a special leaf for tea that is known for growing specifically in Kashmir region. The leaf shows resemblance with the leaves that are used in making green tea. Interesting aspect related with this tea is that original recipe contains salt in it not sugar also ground pistachios are added as hot elements to tea so that body can be kept warm and this is done considering the point that during winters weather in Kashmir is cold. There are different versions of Kashmiri Tea present and below we will discuss one, which is easy to make.

It is all about getting the right pink color. The color will actually come because of the reaction that will take place between water and bicarbonate present in soda. It is not that much difficult to achieve the right kind of color if you will follow the procedure that has been discussed below



Ingredients:  Kashmiri Tea, Kashmiri Chai


  • Two teaspoons of the Kashmiri tea leaves
  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon of the bicarbonate of soda
  • Cardamom two to three pods
  • Water one and half to two cups
  • Whole milk one and a half to two cups
  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon of sea salt or sugar according to your preference
  • For Garnishing you will need one to two teaspoon of the grounded pistachios as well as almonds and poppy seeds one teaspoon.



Method of Preparation:  Kashmiri Tea, Kashmiri Chai



  • Take a saucepan and place it upon medium level heat. Make the addition of two teaspoon of tea along with half of water. This should be allowed to boil and after this bicarbonate of soda should be added and must be allowed to whisk for a period of ten seconds and after this make the addition of remaining water along with crushed cardamom and let it boil till bright red color is achieved.


  • The heat should be lowered to medium level and milk should be added. Keep in mind that you will have to whisk the tea in a vigorous manner for achieving froth. The color associated with tea will turn into dark pink. For getting light color more milk should be added.


  • In the end add salt and stir. This Kashmiri tea should be poured in a cup and crushed pistachios as well as almonds should be sprinkled. Serve hot in cold weather and enjoy the unique flavor.
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