Leeks form part of the extensive onion family and are used as vegetables, for flavoring and in soups and salad. They are extremely rich in valuable substances, particularly iron, carotin (provitamin A) and vitamins B1, B2, C and E and contain the appetite-stimulating sulfurous leek oil, which is responsible for the typical leek small.

Leeks can be divided into three groups:

Earlier are tender and mild, with pale green foliage and a white stalk. They are highly suitable for use as vegetables, in soups and as a flavoring. They are also suitable for eating raw with mixed raw vegetables and in salads.

Summer leeks have thin skins and a long white, fairly strong stalk with green foliage. They are delicious eaten as a cooked vegetable.

Winter leeks have green/blue foliage and a strong, short stalk. The foliage has a strong flavor, while the stalk is mild and delicate. In winter, blanched are also available. Their white color is caused by the lack of the light. The soil is heaped up around the stalks, which also makes them hard.



You can keep 10-12 days in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.