If you always love to feed your family with the best dessert prepared right inside your kitchen, you are welcome as this site is the right place where you will be able to learn how to prepare oodles of different types of desserts. One of the desserts you can learn how to prepare through this article is just Lemon Chess Pie. This is one of the healthy, delicious and yummy desserts recipes you need to always have on your table and sure you feed your family with daily. Below are the ingredients and method of preparation.



Lemon Chess Pie Recipe

Indeed, there are no many ingredients needed to prepare this wonderful and healthy dessert as you only need two ingredients in your kitchen and this dessert will be ready for your family consumption. The ingredients you need for Lemon Chess Pie preparation are:

Lemon Chess Pie Filling
½ (15-oz) package of refrigerated piecrusts



Preparation Method:

Lemon Chess Pie Recipe

With your 9-inch of pie plate, fit piecrust following the directions for the package. Fold the edges from under and crimp. Line your pastry with aluminum foil and fill with pie weights or you can equally use dried beans.

Bake your mixture at 425o for about 5 minutes. Remove the weights and foil. Then, bake for more 2 minutes of continue to bake until your mixture turned golden brown. Complete cool your crust using wire on a rack.

Pour in your Lemon Chess Pie Filling into your piecrust. Ensure you bake at 350o for about 50 minutes of continue to bake until your pie is strong and ensure you shield the edges so as to avoid getting your Lemon Chess Pie excessive brown color if it is required. Lastly, go ahead and cool your pie completely on your wire rack.