Lemon Chicken Steak


Lemon Chicken Steak bursting with lemon flavor and it is so easy to make at home! Chicken breasts are soaking in the marinade and cook with perfection. A chicken recipe the entire family members will love!

It is one of my favorite chicken recipes that are this Lemon Chicken Steak. It is healthy and flavorful also.

The other best thing about this Lemon Chicken Steak recipe is that kids love it without any doubt!



Lemon Chicken Steak


Chicken Boneless

Lemon 500 gm

Salt to taste

Corn flour 2 tbsp

Black pepper to taste

Pinch of sugar

White vinegar 1 tbsp


Lemon Chicken Steak

Preparation Method:

Wash the chicken piece, pat loose with the back of the knife, and add a little salt and black pepper.

Marinate with it for half an hour.

Add the required amount of starch in one egg and blend it properly and convert it into a batter.

Now, mix the marinated chicken into the batter and wrap both sides completely.

Put the oil in the pan, place the chicken in the oil when the oil is hot, and fry it slowly over medium-low heat.

Fry it until it becomes golden on both sides and remove from the frying pan.

Take a bowl and add lemon juice, cornflour, white vinegar, sugar, water, and combine well.

Pour the prepared mixture into the pot and boil on medium heat.

Cut the prepared chicken into pieces and pour in the lemon sauce.


Lemon Chicken Steak

Cook’s Tip:

Be sure to pat the chicken lose with the back of the knife.

There are some skills to make delicious dishes, and each of my dishes has a small trick. However, everyone can find “best recipes” that are popular around the world and you can make it in your kitchen as it is or make a fusion with local taste.


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