Malai Gosht Recipe

Malai Gosht Recipe

Malai Gosht is also a traditional subcontinent Dish. It is really Delicious. It can be prepared both with Mutton/Beef or chicken.


Ingredients (Malai Gosht)

• Meat ½ kilograms
• Cream 1 cup
• Salt 1 teaspoon
• Onions 2
• Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
• Coriander powder 1 teaspoon
• Black pepper corns ½ teaspoon
• Yogurt 375 grams
• Paste of papaya 2 teaspoon
• Ghee/oil 1 cup
• Ginger and garlic 2 teaspoon
• Powder of red chili 1 teaspoon
• Garam Masala ½ teaspoon
• Coal For steam


How to Cook Malai Gosht

– You should start by marinating meat along with yogurt, papaya, cream, papaya add salt and put this mixture into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

– Take a pan and add in it ½ cup of ghee or oil make the addition of meat and after covering it properly allow it to get tendered.
Inside a separate pan you should heat the ghee that has been left and make the addition of onions for frying.

– Make the addition of ginger and garlic paste, red chili powder, seeds of cumin, coriander powder, black pepper corns and garam masala fry these.

– Make the addition of tendered meat and it should be allowed to simmer for a period of ten minutes. Towards the end you should give steam from coal and serve the Malai Gosht dish to your guests.

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