Women who love to have a happy and healthy family always try quick dessert recipes with fresh fruits. Parfait is a kind of frozen dessert. Those who are interested to convert it into a healthy breakfast are suggested to try the Mango Chia breakfast parfait. This will be an interesting recipe for a quick breakfast. Let’s see how to prepare this delicious breakfast.



Mango Chia Breakfast Parfait


  1. Ripe Mango  2 pcs
  2. Raspberries 125 grams.
  3. Strawberries 250 gram. These should be sliced and hulled.
  4. A chopped and sliced banana.
  5. Honey 2 tablespoon.
  6. Toasted walnuts 1/3 cups.
  7. Creamy Greek yogurt 1 cup.
  8. Jalna sweet 1 cup.
  9. Chia seeds 3 tsp.



Preparation Method:

Mango Chia Breakfast Parfait


You might have prepared special dishes by using the easy dessert recipes. Let’s try Mango Chia breakfast parfait in a few steps.


Take 2 Medium sized ripe mangoes, peel them and take pulp from them.

Take the strawberries and raspberries. Cut and combine them.

Take a bowl and put honey and sliced banana in it.

Crumble walnuts but in smaller pieces.

Toss these ingredients to make a perfect combination.

Make a layer of fresh fruits.

Take four glass jars and add these ingredients equally.

Sprinkle chia seeds and Jalna sweet as the top.

Add honey and yogurt.