Mango Mousse Cake Recipe


Mango Mousse Cake is a wonderful recipe, which is simply brilliant for festivals and celebrations. The wonderful flavor of mango is the key element in this mango cake recipe. It is not difficult to make this yummy dessert at home.  Below we will discuss recipe of mango mousse cake which can be made with the help of 100 percent mango Pulp.



Ingredients: Mango Mousse Cake Recipe


  • Mango Pulp                     200 ml
  • Lemon juice                     As required
  • Water                               two tbsp
  • Egg white                        one egg
  • Sugar                               2 tbsp
  • Gelatin powder              5 grams
  • Heavy cream                 130 grams
  • Sugar                              1 tbsp



Toppings of Mango Mousse Cake Recipe


  • Mango Pulp
  • Gelatin powder                3 grams
  • Lemon Juice                    according to the requirements
  • Sugar                                 according to the requirements
  • Water                                1 tbsp


As a base we will use sponge cake it should have a diameter of 15 centimeter




Preparation Method: Mango Mousse Cake


  1. Take the base cake and cut it into two pieces each of one centimeter thickness, for getting better results you should cut the pieces with the help of fifteen centimeter cake pan. All this is done for the preparation of base.


  1. For preparing mousse soak gelatin powder in a container containing water. The container should be safe for you use in microwave. Allow the powder to get dissolved in water for 10 -15 seconds in 600 Watt microwave.


  1. Mango pulp and sugar should be added in a small sized pan and to this mixture add lemon juice and allow the mixture to get heated till sugar gets dissolved.


  1. After the small size pan gets heated, the flame should be turned off and make the addition of gelatin which was dissolved in water during the first step. Allow the mixture to cool down till it attains thickness.


  1. In the next step add sugar to egg white and whip for creation of meringue. Whip till proper mixture is formed.


  1. Using the whisk which was mentioned in previous step the cream should be whipped till a thicker ribbon is form after lifting up of the whisk.


  1. The mixture from step four should now be added into in the cream from sixth step and should be mixed properly. After mixing make the addition of meringue that has been mentioned in step five and it should be mixed in a careful fashion.


  1. Take 18 centimeter cake pan and place sponge in it.


  1. Batter mentioned in 7th step should be poured into cake pan from 8th


  1. After pouring with the help of spatula smooth the surface. Allow it to get cooled in refrigerator.


  1. Take jelly for topping and dissolve gelatin powder in water in a microwave for 10 sec at 600 Watt.


  1. Take a small pan and pour in it sugar and mango juice according to your requirement. After dissolving the sugar discontinue heat and make the addition of dissolved gelatin with stirring.


  1. After proper stirring allow the pan to get cooled in ice cold water. Take benefit from surface tension. Start pouring the jelly from middle portion of mousse till it is covered in a proper manner.


  1. Transfer mouse to the refrigerator and allow it to get chilled till it gets firm. Once the cake gets firm shape remove the pan.


  1. The Mango Mousse Cake is almost done you can add finishing decorations to it according to your choice.

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