Match Stick Potato | میچ اسٹک پوٹیٹو چپس


Originated in Europe, the Match stick potato is now popular worldwide. This potato recipe is considered a favorite because of the mouthwatering flavor and easy cooking. Prepare the delicious crispy stick potato at home and serve with different types of sauces and kinds of ketchup. All the family members of all age groups will love to eat the stick potato.


Match Stick Potato


Oil for frying

Salt to taste

Corn flour 02 tsp

Potatoes 10-12

Parsley for garnish


Match Stick Potato

Preparation Method

Cut the potatoes in finger shape.

Wash these finger potatoes and add salt and cornflour in it.

Fry the potatoes in the oil.

Now remove the potatoes from the oil and dry them.

Put them at a 160-degree hot oven.

Serve hot.



After frying the chips put them in a plain sheet. The chips will remain crispy on that sheet.


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میچ اسٹک پوٹیٹو چپس


میچ اسٹک پوٹیٹو چپس























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