Meethi Sewai recipe is a special sweet dish for Eid celebration event. It is rich in taste, healthy and carries a superb delicious taste. Sweet Vermicelli can be made on any occasion and serve as a sweet dish.


Meethi Sewai Recipe:

Preparation time       5 Minutes

Cooking time             35 Minutes

Total time required    40 Minutes



Meethi Sewai Recipe I Sweet Vermicelli

1/2 cup pistachios

1/2 cup healthy almonds

1 packet vermicelli

1 cup of pure milk

Desi ghee to make vermicelli

1 cup sugar syrup

1 pinch of cardamom powder

Pinch of saffron

A handful of khoya


Preparation Method:

Meethi Sewai Recipe I Sweet Vermicelli

Blanch pistachios and almonds in water and boil them just for 30-45 minutes and peel their skin. Make the small slices of almonds and pistachios. Start cooking vermicelli in desi ghee and take it out once it turns into a brownish color. Place cooked vermicelli in a strainer to dry the oil. In the meanwhile, remove the cooking oil from wok or pan and add the milk and let it boil.

Once it starts boiling, add sugar syrup slowly and then, add sewai and stir them gently and avoid breaking sewai. The milk will cook sewai by softening them. Now, add cardamom powder and saffron. Add pistachios and almonds and mix it well.

Finally, add khoya in the recipe on the medium heat and stir continuously and gently. Make it dry until the milk is absorbed well. Leave it on a side to get cooled. Meethi Sewai recipe is ready to serve.


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