If you want to get a complete dose of all the nutrients you want, you have to start adding desserts to your daily meal. You are going to get enough nutrient at the same time maintain your dieting when you start adding desserts to your daily meal. The Million Dollar Pound Cake is just what you need and we will provide you the recipe needed to prepare this cake.



Million Dollar Pound Cake Recipe

• A teaspoon of vanilla extract
• A pound of softened butter
• A teaspoon of almond extract
• 4 Cups of all-purpose flour
• 3 cups of sugar
• ¾ cup of milk
• 6 large eggs


Preparation Method:

Million Dollar Pound Cake Recipe

Stir your butter at an average speed using an electric blender until creamy. Make the butter lighter yellow in color; the mixer will make use of air in the butter so as to make it easy for the cake to rise. It will take you about one to seven minutes base on the power in your blender. Gently add sugar and continue to beat at average speed until the mixture is fluffy and light. The time needed for the butter to turn fluffy white. Add your eggs one after another and continue to mix until the yellow color disappears.

Add your flour and creamed mixture substitute with milk starting and ending with flour. Beat the mixture at low speed until you get a blended solution. The batter is to be made smooth and bits of flour should be incorporated. This is to help remove batter lumps, beat your solution lightly using a rubber spatula and stir extract.

Pour in floured and greased 10” tube pan. You can equally use vegetable shortening or butter to effectively grease the pan. Ensure you cover every angle of the pan. Spread flour-coated over a greased surface.

Bake your cake at 300 degrees for one hour and 40 minutes or until a long wooden pick inside the centers comes out clean. Cool the cake in a pan and wire rack for 10 to 15 minutes. Bring it out from the pan, and ensure it cool completely on a wire rack.