Nectarine Tarts with Honey Recipe

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Nectarine Tarts with Honey Recipe

In case, you are surfing the internet to find healthy and yummy dessert recipe so as to prepare it to your family, you are not to search further as one of the best dessert you need on your dinning is just Nectarine Tarts with Honey. You are going to get detailed information about the recipe of this wonderful and well prepared dessert. The interesting thing about this dessert is that it is highly nutritious making it the right choice you need to make when you want your family to enjoy tasty and healthy dessert after their normal meal daily.

The ingredients needed for Nectarine Tarts with Honey Recipe

There are no many ingredients needed for preparation of this healthy desert and few of them are:

• 1 frozen puff pastry sheet of 17.3 ounce packed.
• 2 pounds of nectarines like Redgold chopped into ¼” slices.
• 6 tablespoon of sugar.
• ¼ cup of honey.

Nectarine Tarts with Honey Process of Preparation
In order to get your Nectarine Tarts with Honey formed into the shape and nature you want, you must preheat your oven to 425o. Then follow the processes bellow:

• Blend each of your pastry sheets into 6 pieces of 3” square.

• Place them in one layer on 2 parchment paper-lined baking sheets

• Organize your nectarine slices on each pastry square and sprinkle sugar on them

• Bake your mixture for 15-20 minutes or better still bake until your pastry turns golden brown.

• Make sure you continue to rotate the pan from top to bottom halfway.

• Chill on wire rack for about 5 minutes.

• Drizzle your Nectarine Tarts with honey and serve.

These are the simple steps you need to take while preparing your Nectarine Tarts with Honey making it one of the best desserts you need on your dinning.

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