Neuf sweet and sour fish recipe has a high value, it tastes sweet and sour. This main dish deeply loved by diners in the hotel. If we can learn this dish and make for family dinners, gatherings of friends, and dinner. It will surely win everyone’s unanimous appreciation.

There is no sugar or vinegar in the Neuf sweet and sour fish recipe. I like to eat this sweet and sour fish very much. I love to invite you to make at home and you can’t stop it making later.


Pan Cooking

Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

Category: Main Dish – Dinner Recipe

SERVES: 2 Persons

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes


Neuf Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

There are two technical difficulties in making at home:

1- The shape of the skin: Frying fish at home is not usually in a big pot of oil like a hotel, less oil is difficult to heat evenly. Therefore, the skin of the fish must first be wiped with a thin layer of dry starch. After entering the pan, the oil is continuously poured on the place where the fish body is not exposed to the oil. This difficulty can be achieved if the pan is bigger and with enough oil to cover the whole fish.

2- Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe: This is my own mixing that is very easy and will not fail sweet and sour sauce taste. Traditional sweet and sour sauce made with Shangrila  Tomato Ketchup, sugar, vinegar, juice, that will appear with normal taste. I use Shangrila Hot & Spicy Ketchup that itself is a mixture of sweet, salty, sour, spicy flavors, add tomato sauce and sugar into this sauce it adds some of the compound taste, more delicious than the traditional sweet and sour sauce, the color is also better.

With these two technical guarantees, are you still afraid to make perfect sweet and sour fish?

Some chefs complained that fish smelled heavy. You can use ginger and cooking wine to marinate the fish for 10 minutes before proceeding to the next steps.

If you want a crispy taste you can directly deep-fry fish directly with the juice. According to the recipe method, you can make other dishes made with this sweet and sour sauce.


Ingredients: Neuf Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

Squid or other small fish

Dry starch

1 tbsp sugar

4 tbsp Shangrila  Tomato Ketchup for Seasoning

2 tbsp Shangrila Hot & Spicy Ketchup


Cooking oil


Preparation Method: Neuf Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe

Clean the fish and dry it with a kitchen towel.

Make Cuts diagonally with a knife and try to cut it deeper but do not separate it.

Take the starch and wrapped the fish in starch well and shake off excess starch. Leave a thin layer on the line, so the last step of the skin must be dry.

Make oil hot it should be is slightly more than usual. Slide the fish into the oil and fry until both sides are golden. Be sure to wait for the light brown color then turn to the other side. If you are using a small pan, make sure where there is no oil tilt the frying pan slightly or use the spoon to pour the oil over the fish.

Now, both sides are fried, placed fish on the kitchen towel to suck oil.

Leave a little oil in the saucepan; add tomato sauce, Thai sweet chili sauce, and white sugar.

Stir fry and add a small cup of water.

Boil and add an appropriate amount of salt to season. Put the fish in the pot and continue cooking.

Use a spoon to pour the juice over the place where the fish doesn’t touch the soup, so you don’t need to turn the fish over to prevent it from breaking.

The sauce received viscous heat. The ketchup sweet chili sauce and white sugar all have a sticky effect, so there is no need to check it out.

Place Neuf sweet and sour fish in a plate and serve with green salad or boiled potatoes.

Bon appétit!