New Mexico Chili is one of the best green chili available. It is grown in the rich soil of Hatch and the Rio Grande Valleys of the New Mexico. To give the appealing blend to the dishes New Mexico Chile or a Hatch Chile is often used. It is one of the species that can give exceptional savor and essence. There are a distinct savor and pungency available in these chilies. To be used in sauces, this food source can be chopped, roasted and peeled. Due to its exceptional characteristics, it can be used in multiple dishes. It is available during mid to late August. Considering its shorter shelf life period, the dried form of chilies is more feasible for use.

New Mexico Chile

New Mexico Chile is quite versatile in nature; it can be very scrumptious with steamed rice and dips. Its juicy nature is just perfect for sandwiches as it can add spicy taste as well. It is one of the healthiest vegetables that can help burn excess calories inside the body.