Oarweed | Digitata Kelp is a type of kelp that is also known as Laminaria digitata. It is a seaweed family member that is golden brown in color. This food source is mostly found attached to the rocks. Apparently, this green vegetable looks like having long and glossy kind of ribbons. It is a kind of plant that is normally found 20 meters below in depth and 2 meters above the ground.


This Oarweed | Digitata Kelp has clinging kinds of roots that actually help plant gets attached to the rocks. Oarweed is a food source that is edible and has a leathery nature. Due to the presence of mannitol, it is slightly sweeter in taste. For the same reason, it is frequently used in dishes like dashi and soups. It is a tough kind of large brown algae that is also used as a thickening agent in most of the dishes.