Onions are indispensable in cooking, both as a flavoring and a vegetable. In addition to vitamin A and C, they contain minerals such as potassium and magnesium and they have an antibacterial effect.

There are several types of onions available in different parts of the world, the details are as follows:

The brown onion, it has the strongest flavor and commonly available. The color of the flesh ranges from white to yellow.

The Spanish onion is the largest and mildest. Its flesh is juicy and is suitable for eating raw in salads or with bread and cheese, roasting, baking. Stuffing and boiling.

The spring onion is a miniature variety picked when the bulbs are barely developed. It is eaten raw in salads and is an important component of Chinese cooking. The green tops are a good substitute for chives.

The red or salad onion has a spicy but mild flavor compared with the common brown onion. It is good in salads and can be used in cooked dishes.

Shallots, the smallest and finest representatives of the onion family, are very popular in French cuisine. They have a very delicate flavor and are used in classic sauces, regional dishes, and salads.