Oriental Fruit Salad Recipe

Oriental Fruit Salad Recipe

This delicately flavored fruit salad only takes 15 minutes preparation, plus chilling time. Use fresh mandarins and lychees when in season and substitute the canned lychee juice with sugar syrup. The sherry in the fruit salad may be replaced by dry white wine or an orange liqueur.



Serves 6


Ingredients: Oriental Fruit Salad Recipe


Honeydew or ogen melon                           1 small

Can Mandarins, drained                             300 g

Can Lychees                                                  600 g

Medium-dry sherry                                     50 ml



Preparation Method: Oriental Fruit Salad Recipe


Cut the melon in half and scoop out the seeds. Cut the flesh into balls using a melon baller, then put in a glass bowl.


Add the drained mandarins and sherry to the melon then pour the lychees, together with juice into the bowl.


Stir the fruit gently, cover and refrigerate for 2 hour before serving the oriental fruit salad.

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