Mutton Hara Masala Recipe is a traditional cooking recipe. It is easy to cook and provide you the unique taste and it is healthier also.


• The time needed for preparation is 10 minutes
• The time needed for cooking 47 minutes



Mutton Hara Masala Recipe | Pakistani Recipe

• Mutton 1 kilogram
• Red Chili Powder 1 teaspoon
• Green Chilies 6
• Fresh leaves of coriander
• Yogurt 1 cup
• Turmeric ½ teaspoon
• Oil ½ cup
• Whole green chilies 4
• Salt According to the requirement
• Onion 1 cup
• Leaves of mint ½ cup
• Green Onion ½ cup
• A paste of ginger and garlic 2 tablespoon
• Coriander leaves ½ cup


How to Cook:

Mutton Hara Masala Recipe | Pakistani Recipe

You should start by washing the meat. After cleaning the meat properly in the next step it is your job to add red chili powder and salt inside the cooking pan and they should be cooked upon low temperature.

Blend fried onion along with green coriander, yogurt, green chilies, and mint. When the water in meat gets dried your job is to make the addition of paste of ginger and garlic, oil, turmeric, and coriander powder.

Now, cook this on slow heat and make the meat tender and oil look separated.

Lastly, make the addition of while green chilies as well as simmer for five minutes on slower heat. It is best to serve the dish warm in front of the guests.